A Very British Brexit, The illusion of democracy


As the storm clouds gather over  the lofty battlements of the House of Commons the nation slowly wakes to the realisation, that if nothing else Brexit highlights something that most of us have suspected, Democracy does not exist, never has and never will. For those who still labour with the naive if lazy belief that we live in a free country capable of voting in and out of power our elected representatives when they don’t represent us, let me point out some ugly facts.

In the general election of 2017 the Conservations won 40.4  or 13.636.684 and Labour 40.0 of the votes 12,877,918 with 20 other parties making up the numbers, this of course is the fly in the ointment, under the shady democratic system we have at present the majority will never be represented and for that reason the two main parties would never entertain the idea of proportional representation. The greatest advantage the Conservative have over Labour,an advantage that guarantees the kind of despicable  behaviour  we have seen of late from Mrs May in totally ignoring the basic principles of Brexit, is of course Jeramy Corbyn. For a party in power Corbyn must seem like a dream come true in opposition, because if we had a general election tomorrow the Conservatives (with arguable the most unpopular line up of public school retards since the chinless  pig kissing David Cameron’ cabinet that included the  clueless May as home secretary, who once suggested Sharia law would benefit greatly britons, a suggestion that seems to have gone under the radar of gays and feminists) would win another term in office, so repugnant do the general public (including many members of his own party)  find Corbyn’s politics.


Regardless of how you voted in the referendum we are all left with a no win situation, with everybody unhappy and a country that has not been so divided since the English civil war. Ironically for the vast majority of remain and Brexit voters who prior to the referendum  had no interest in politics and only a fuzzy idea that the EU stopped us selling bent bananas and odd shaped vegetables, are now passionate supporters of their respected camps, such is the power of identity politics. Yet if asked basic questions on how the EU works or the implications of the treaties that have changed the lives of millions, you would probable find they don’t have a clue and the little information they do have is spoon fed them by the BBC ,who themselves recently announced they no longer need to be impartial over Brexit, a moved attacked by cross-party MPs and hence the joke is that true or did you hear it on the BBC.

Another aspect of Brexit is the exposure of the British media as nothing more then a propaganda machine to feed our desire for identity  politics motivated by agenda not truth. Remember back to the headlines of 2016 of dead children on beaches and boat loads of refugees crossing the Med or the epidemic of rapes across Europe perpetrated  by uncontrollable gangs of immigrant thugs, to say nothing of the financial melt down of Greece Spain and Italy, the inevitable  war with Russia North Korea and the Isle of White and the icing on the cake,the visit of monster Trump described by some as being on par with Adolf Hitler and thus sending the massive out on the street to protest his visit, yet oddly not a mention of the visit in May of newly crowned prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Saudis record on gross human rights abuses of women and gays in his country, no mention of this in the media not a student on the streets to protest when the prince sat down to lunch with the queen and dinner with the Prince of Wales.

Regardless of the outcome of Brexit it is enviable that we will see an erosion of civil rights, working condition and zero hour short term contracts as the labour force far out numbers the available jobs, its not a accident that the UK generated more jobs last then the rest of the EU put together as we progress towards the first European  country to produce a workforce on par with India and China. Strange that those disciples of the EU project struggle to justify the vast unemployment across the union and the reason the children of these countries leave their homes to find any kind of a future in the UK, The EU isn’t working.

Words/photographs David Coomber

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