Who Cares About Animal Rights:Its London Fashion Week.


As once again the London Fashion Week bandwagon rolls into town, generating in its wake a 100 million pounds of buying and selling to add to the most profitable and successful industry on the planet, and yet the less glamorous and savoury side of the business still leaves a ugly stain on the glitz and glamour that most are aware of but still choose to ignore.

We are after all or we profess to be a nation of animal lovers, the very idea of those nasty Koreans eating dogs fills us with rage, can you imagine eating your  pet dog or cat, it would be unthinkable and don’t even get me started on guinea pigs and rabbits (our pets of course not the other ones we allow chemical tests on )  this duplicity in our logic exposes a can of worms,the problem of what is the actual stand point of  our ever transit morality.



You see once you go down that road of caring for things where does it stop, if for instance you say no more animal skins in the fashion industry, then you would have to then highlight the plight of the industrial slaves that work in the sweatshop factories around the world to supply cheap fashion items in our shops. We would question all kinds of uncomfortable things that we conveniently now put  to the backs of our minds like the child labour used to produce some of the most luxury items we buy. Vegetarians and vegans are not exempt  from the collective conscience of knowing somewhere, be it in this country or half way around the world, cheap labour is working sunrise to sunset in the fields to bring us all those healthy green veggies.

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We can’t even rely on religion to come up with the answers, Buddhism says all life is sacred, but  by the nature of that logic it must include all the nasty viruses and bacteria like cancer. In India the cow is sacred but the people are not, which from a humanitarian  perspective seems a little counterintuitive if you happen to be human. All the other religions are no better, in fact safe to say morality and religion parted company a long time ago. So where does that leave us in a dog eat dog world, a world where we fight to save the life of one child yet celebrate our liberalism in supporting abortion.



The problem is passion, most of us are passion hobbyist, we care about things only in the context of small boxes where we can keep the things we are passionate about well away from other stuff that might muddy the waters of our passion. Some people are passionate about the slave trade yet use a phone made by slave labour or drink coffee and tea or buy cheap fashion, how does that differ from the people who bought cheap cotton and tobacco knowing it was cultivated by African slaves a 150 years ago. In the words of Shakespeare “Conscience makes cowards of us all”.




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