EU ARMY, One Million Vacancies: The impact on the UK of the reintroduction of compulsory National Service should we remain.


Throughout the sometimes very unpleasant campaign leading up to and beyond the referendum to leave the EU, the Remain side have consistently pointed to the fact a large percentage of Remain voters are young and are voting for their right to be part of the EU super-state. The Remain organisers again consistently point out the Leave voters were not properly informed, which is understandable considering the one-sided media debate, but leaving aside the vast amount of facts that both sides have been denied, one fact that directly impacts the young people is the compulsory reintroduction of National Service not seen in this country since the cold war of the 1950/60s.

Despite the now laughable quote from the discredited Lib/Dem leader Nick Clegg  that a EU army is a dangerous fantasy of the European Commission, mooted at the time by Jean-Claude Junker, on the pretext to bolster the continent against Russian aggression, we now see that this  dangerous fantasy is very much a dangerous reality. This reality is in spite of advice offered by defence experts to both Merkel and Macron saying “Plans for a true European army will not happen for a few decades”, a sentiment echoed by the EU defence minister, even at the very time Merkel was addressing the European Parliament in Strasbourg with the statement ” We will work on a vision of establishing a real European army”.

That vision is now upon us and the latest statement from Merkel suggests it will be up and running within two years and the recruitment program to man the expected one million strong army is well under way. Under the pretext of a new employment strategy  the defence minister and employment agencies have been busy  on a recruitment program of refugees.  But that is itself a subject shrouded in controversy, there was much speculation at the time of Merkel’s invitation to refugees to come to Germany and many  asked the obvious question “where are the women,where are the children” as most of the arrivals appeared young fit men many from the war-torn regions of the world. Another controversy subject was the gap in German industry that according the Merkel the refugees were going to fill, that seems until now to be very much unfilled with only 50 out of the one million finding employment since their arrival. Now with the declaration from the German government of cutting benefits for those unemployed, recruitment into the army would seem logical and if I was being cynical, the original intention being  a ready-made off-the-peg  EU army.

But the recruitment of only immigrants will not fill the requirements of a modern army and to that end the reintroduction of compulsory national service is well under way across the EU, a program that will see young people from the age of 16 up to 32 given compulsory military training like that of countries  Israel and China.

The creation of the EU army will also legitimise the rearmament of Germany which has since the reunification of the country seen only a small domestic force, but now can with the assistance of its EU partners and its own wealth build on an industrial scale to compliment the new EU army of conscripts , which to put into contexts will equal that of China. Again for the first time in history Germany will have access to the nuclear weapons of her neighbours and the technology to build anything equal to the other super powers.

So where does that leave Putin’s Russia already in a face-off with four battalion-size battle groups of NATO forces who have been deployed in Poland and one each in Latvia ,Lithuania and Estonia. Putin has been quoted in the past as having said Russian troop could destroy NATO forces within 60 hours, yet strangely greeted the news of the EU army as a positive, claiming it good for multipolar world, after the much publicized confrontation between Trump and Macron that left the French leader saying the EU army is needed for protection against the US but later agreed on the need for a stronger Europe and called the spat a misunderstanding.  Putin speaking about Moscow’s relations with NATO and Washington said Russia is always ready for dialogue,adding the ball is now in the US court and went on to say “it is not us who are going to withdraw from the INF Treaty,it is America who plan to do that”. Washington’s plan to abandon a 30 year-old agreement banning possession and development of short and mid-range missiles. Nevertheless regardless of the candor of Putin, the Russia’s will match the EU man for man, weapon for weapon resulting in a situation similar to a return of the cold war, a costly stand-off or worst a tiny incident that could spark a full-blown confrontation and with up to two million conscripts way out of their comfort zones it only takes a trigger-happy moment to send the world into meltdown.

Regardless of the result of the referendum and as now it looks unlikely May will honour the leave vote, it would be hard to see how the UK could stay neutral in this situation, but with the obvious intention of the government to determine our future in a dictatorial rather than democratic way, we must expect to see  the handing over of our armed forces to a EU directive and  it seems the UK will no longer have any say in the security of this country, that responsibility will fall to Germany and France and again the cynic in me feels the recent past experiences of both countries track record of empire building does not suggest a good outcome to this adventure.

For the young voters, many who had no interest in politics before the referendum and if they are honest no interest after it, other than the media led compulsion to remain and it would seem who’s only reason of wanting to remain in the EU was to have the opportunity of work,travel and to experience different cultures across the union, well as part of the EU army they will most certainly experience that, as previous generations can testify. Be careful what you wish for,you may get it. By accident or design the components of war, recession,unemployment and mistrust of ones neighbours have not in any way been discouraged by those who stand to gain from the ongoing conflicts of the world, perhaps after 70 years of peace it is again the turn of the west to be woken from the sleep of apathy, for as history has shown, if you stand for nothing you fall for everything.

words/picture David Coomber TheFitz