Grim news for Julian Assange


The Ecuadorian embassy just announced plans for the total refurbishment of their London embassy, this will mean vacating the premises along with exposing Julian Assange to the waiting police. Coincidence or design we can only speculate, but with the timing of the expected legal case in the US  against Assange gaining momentum along with the expected extradition request to the British government, it would suggest the recent pressure on Ecuador to hand him over has finally reached a conclusion. Once back in the US one can again speculate the court case against him be a foregone conclusion which will lead to his conviction and jail sentence. When they lock away Assange they will send a definitive message to every media outlet in the world that publishing the truth is now a criminal offence and any future news story will be nothing more than processed propaganda. The name Julian Assange will join those others who fought for truth and to expose those who flourish in the sewer of lies and a mainstream media who profited from the information Wikileaks supplied them yet stabbed him in the back when he most needed their support. But at the end of this farce hiding behind a smokescreen of justice will it be the US or us that condemned future generations to a world of ignorance and apathy or will we say we tried when millions did nothing.

Words picture David Coomber