The World is waking up to globalism


Today the people woke up and took to the streets in their thousands to support not only the Brexit they voted for but for the whole principle of freedom and democracy itself, something it would seem forgotten by this tin pot government of career politicians and the retardation of our public school system which appears neither public nor educational if this sad excuse of a Banana Republic dictatorship is anything to go by.

If the word dictatorship seems overly dramatic let me point out some of the nasty surprises that the government and the mainstream media have hardly mentioned, yet will prove the greatest act of treason to the indigenous people of both the UK and Europe  in our collective long history.  In a week that has seen May and her government found in contempt of parliament for the first time in history in her attempt to pervert the course of the democratic decision to leave the EU, with the offer of a deal in name only which in reality  would leave  us far worst off than if we were to simply remain and yet this so-called deal still ties us to the EU indefinitely . This deal has been described as the worst deal in history but it isn’t, hiding in the background under the smokescreen of the Brexit fiasco  MAY plans if final act of treason in signing the most corrupt pact in history that will reduce this country and all the EU countries that have already signed to nothing more than open real-estate that anyone in the world can live in regardless of being legal or illegal immigrants on a mass scale never before seen in history and the final insult, it instals a law to  make it illegal for anyone to complain of mass immigration or make any comment on it at all would be in itself a criminal offensive. 159 million people in Africa are immediately eligible to come to Europe to live, the reality of this will be the total eradication of the indigenous people of Europe along with a thousand years of culture within forty years and reduce Europe to another third world hell hole of poverty and over population.


There are 7.5 million people in the world today, 5 billion live on less than $5 per day, on a birth to death ratio each year another 100 million people are added to that number.If Europe and the US was to take 20 million people each, every year from now on, that overall number would hardly be improved but both Europe and the US would be destroyed within a space of a few years. Immigration favours the globalist elite not people, the answer is birth control and aid to help countries not mass immigration that helps nobody.

Brexit like the protests in France ,The Netherlands and Belgium this weekend is a reaction not of rising prices as our media like to promote but the loss of our identity and culture felt by many ordinary people who don’t buy into this perverted philosophy of neoliberal blandness of a slave labour society born to serve a globalist elite. People that voted Brexit are labelled Racist because the word has now been weaponised by the left to shut down conversation and argument on subjects they have no defined answers for, I have visited 35 countries around the world to experience the culture of these countries, to enjoy the differences that make us human beings, I want to protect not only my own culture but theirs also, because that’s what makes us what we are, unique human beings. We are witnessing  now in the EU the birth of a totalitarian superstate where now hardly a day goes by where the EU elite are not bullying a member state with threats and intimidation, the latest being a sinister warning that any country voting for a Nationalist party will result in war, this is not a warning it is a direct threat to the people if you vote for a party whose politics we disagree with we will start war with you. This weekend during the riots in France another line was crossed when Macron instructed snipers to shoot at selected targets, this is not random shooting into a crowd of people but selective state assassination of individuals, Macron is not in control, he is out of control. This is not crowd control it is control over those who disagree with the ideology of oppression not un-like  the ideology we have witnessed many times before in Latin American and Africa soon will we see members of an opposition party disappear . The terrifying process of the dangerous fantasy now very much a reality  of the EU army is well underway, already France,Sweden,Lithuania and Germany have started the process of the reintroduction of compulsory national service soon other members will join them, Merkel grows stronger by the day, soon she will be the leader of the EU, France has already given up its seat on the UN to accommodate the EU.once her one million troop army is in place we will see an ever-increasing aggression from  the EU, first in relations to its member states and eventually its non EU neighbours, the one ray of hope is that people are finally waking up to the dangerous realisation of another delusional German leader with ideas of empire and domination but there is still a thin chance that this madness can be stopped, much depends on Brexit as a first step to democratic freedom but still our fate is in the hands of  a small group of MPs more concerned  about their careers than their country, these fools never see the writing on the walls screaming at them to do the right thing, ignore history and it has a habit of repeating itself.


Words/pictures David Coomber TheFitz