Revenge is a dish best served cold: Brexit party sweep to victory in EU elections: TheFitz

The mainstream political parties are this morning counting the cost of May’s Brexit  betrayal as Farage steps from the shadows to take Westminsters political elite completely by surprise. The fledglings of the newly formed Brexit party that was only formed six weeks, again remind the government that 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU .

No matter what opinion you have on Nigel Farage the timing of this assault on the cosy relationship between Labour and the Conservatives is a pure genius. Even in the face of enormous opposition to the May deal from the public, both leaders chose to scores  points off each other. Three years watching a British Prime Minister go cap in hand to grovel at the feet of an unelected oligarch of bloated businessmen, sailing the good ship gravy boat into the tempest of popularist opinion has been enough for even the most dedicated remain supporter to switch their traditional vote to a party who have conducted their campaign with a dignity  on a scale that the other parties can only  envy . Their opposition took the exact opposite approach and like the tactics used in the referendum decided a smear campaign over debating the issues on a level playing field resulting is very much the same outcome. The Andrew Marr’s road crash interview with Farage left the vast majority of voters questioning why the British media treat them with such condescending disrespect as to sideline facts in favour of personal remarks directed at the integrity of Farage and his party.

But a bad night for the EU got steadily worse as member country after country voted their disapproval by voting in popularist MEP on a scale never before witnessed. Interesting accounts from the MSM as they desperately fished for positives from the wasteland of a political ideology dying before their eyes. In the end most settled on mocking Tommy Robinson’s bid to become a MEP  as a distraction to the Brexit Party demolition of the once Labour heartlands of the north. 

David Coomber TheFitz

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