Extradition hearing deferred as Assange is rushed to prison hospital :TheFitz 

Magistrates deferred for 10 days the reading of changes to Julian Assange by video link to his cell in Belmarsh prison after the Wikileaks leader was rushed to hospital in a condition his lawyer discribed as very serious . After years of self imposed imprisonment in the Eucudorian embassy and the disgraceful way he has been treated since his humiliating arrest and many weeks in solitary confinement, its little wonder his health is at breaking point as he battles a combination of years of physical and phycological stress and a prospect of facing years of the same treatment. If Assange dies in a British prison the state sends out a powerful statement that it is above criticism and and consequence and is a law unto itself .

History is a wonderful teacher and has shown us time and time again you can kill a man but not a legend and if the state thinks the death in custody of Assange will not come back to haunt them they should think again, martyrs live on in their supporters hearts long after dictators are replaced and this is exactly what we are seeing. Each time I attend a demonstration the numbers grow along  with the message that you cannot replace or hide from the truth or lock away those who find it. Each passing day more people are waking to the realisation of the global police state whose laws are nothing but manifestation designed to protect the criminals and persecute those who protest. 

  1. London is one of the populated cities in the world let’s show those in power that Assange is far from silenced and we have become his voice , Stand up for Julian Assange at Trafalgar  Square this Saturday 1st June 2pm. Meeting outside the National Gallery

TheFitz David Coomber 
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