The Anti Trump Extravaganza Kicks Off

Now I have attended several protests in London this year yet none comes even close to the slick well founded affairs put on by the left and today was no exception, this is a protest extravaganza, I counted no less than 12 stations giving away a host of protest toys ranging from funny looking globe hats to the now almost obligatory banners proclaiming Trump not welcome here, just in case someone forgot their banner or for that matter the reason they were there. Some of the more radical signs scream Trump is a fascist which under the circumstances of their host speaker being none other than Mr (anti-Semite)  himself Jeremy Corbyn,  might seem a touch counterintuitive for anyone from the land of logic and common sense.img_1841

Now this is a strange and growing pattern emerging from these well-funded protests by the left always accompanied by a vast army of mainstream media, there seems to be a on-going competition as to who can attract the most camera attention with the most outlandish costume not unlike Royle Ascot but without the horses, but having said that I have nothing but admiration for Statue of Liberty lady perched precariously on the edge of the fountain with what can only be described as a medically induced look on her face, she for my money was an out and out winner, but in lefty  world of course there are no winners or losers.


TheFitz David Coomber


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