PAY BACK TIME: The public death of a political party


In 2016 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU, since then they have been accused of everything from stupidity to being outright right wing racist and fascist, they have been subjected to vile insults and aggression all  for commiting the cardinal sin of voting in a democratic election conducted for once on a level playing field and winning a result of which nobody expected, not the government,the media or the Champaign Socialist of the London elite, we voted Brexit out means out.

Since that faithful day the Westminster elite have tried every trick in the book, they have corrupted the law to suit their narrative and the have lied and cheated on every occasion they have debated on television or the newspapers and this year we have seen the total collapes of anything pretaining to dignity or integraty in the very parliment that in the past tought the world democracy turing it into a circus and a laughing stock with the world watching. Never before has a searving PM been thretened with imprisonment for enacting the democratic will of the people,himself acting on the words of a former PM who famously said LEAVE MEANS LEAVE. Now it is payback time, a time to clean out the sewer that Westminster has become and secure Brexit.




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