Assange’s 12-minuet hearing

In this slow motion assasination, Julian Assange was granted the luxury of a 12-minuet hearing and the opportunity for his legal team to highlight to the judge and the world that have not been allowed adequate time with their client to prepare any kind of defence to his extradition hearing. It was reported that Assange is showing the sighs of the enormous stress he is under as he looked drained and tired on entering the courtroom, but did in an act of defiance saluted his supporters packed into the public gallery. Assange said very little other than to confirm his name and to state briefly that he did not understand aspects of the proceedings. The hearing was adjourned in order that his lawyer Gareth Peirce could spend more time with him to go through evidence at Belmarsh prison.

Words Pictures David Coomber

#assange #julianassange#freeassange #freejulian

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