Tate Modern For Dummies

Words/Pictures David Coomber TheFitz DSC_0102.jpeg

Every now and again when I feel to the need to bring my blood pressure to boiling point I call into Tate Modern to see how the state funded pretentious geniuses are spending my taxes. Todays trip was not a disappointment for all the wrong reasons.

Once you cross the doorstep of the Tate it is expected that anything pertaining to common sense be left in the cloakroom or expect to be branded nothing more than a ignorant philistine by the regulars and most of the time I comply and swim among the the crowds of visitors, many of which seem in a mesmeric state of joy as the stare at a pile of bricks or a piece of carpets on the wall, but perhaps the most insulting custom of all is the Tate ambush and so it was on this occasion the tins of paint in the corridor were a give away and directs the unsuspecting visitor into a state of expected confusion not knowing if this a art installation or building maintenance as two men engage in painting the walls. But of course this is the Tate so the latter is the case and this is the work of performer and participant (whatever that means) Nedko Solakov.

Performance Work;Two workers continuously paint the gallery walls, one using black paint the other white.DSC_0098.jpeg


Now in the world of the sane the only credibility of this offering to the great god neoliberalism, is that the people involved who submitted this to the Tate did so without giving the game away, by laughing their  fucking heads off at this mockery of art resources and tax payers money. But of course this is the normal reaction and the very meaning of the display is to shock and provoke, but its also a  more sinister test as to the loyalty to the cult of Cultural Marxism where reality is created and changed daily. We see the world not as the world is, but as we are or in this case as the Tate is and that unquestioned power is very dark.


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